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【卡米洛特ET接触者 译】意识觉醒—2012集结号吹响!觉醒吧,人类!  

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Kerry Cassidy (KC): Here is Miriam Delicado, an incredible friend. We consider her a part of Camelot, believe it or not, because she is such a supporter and because we tend to work together with her, as we do [with] several of our witnesses.


It’s an amazing dynamic – there’s such teamwork happening. That would also include David Wilcockand George Green, and actually, almost everyone who is speaking at the conference has become someone that we are sort of working with, someone we go to, to ask advice on different matters, someone who has their own sort of agenda that we’re trying to support as well.

有这么多的团队合作(揭秘)工作正在展开——真是令人惊讶的 (良好)动态.当然这也包括了大卫.威尔库克David Wilcock和乔治.格林George Green,实际上,几乎所有会议上演讲的人 我们都有某种程度上的共事合作,有些人是我们亲自去找他/她并询问关于不同事项、事件的建议,也有些人有着自己的几分日常工作事项,当然我们也在努力地支持他/她。

In Miriam’s case, she’s working with indigenous people, as you may know, to bring peace to the planet, to also make people aware of various things.


But, I want to say that she’s an amazing personality, as well as a spiritual being and I honor her as my colleague and friend, a dear, dear woman to me, and I’m just very grateful that she’s alive today – there have been efforts to take her out.


I recently did an interview with her... it’s quite short; it’s about a half hour. During that interview, the tape and the film – I wasn’t touching the camera; I just focused on her and stepped away – it was hit by some kind of scalar weaponry... over, and over, and over again.


It’s an amazing thing that certain numbers of our witnesses... the Powers That Be -- whether they are ET, or whether they’re using scalar weaponry and they’re human -- don’t want you to hear what they have to say, and she’s one of those people.

我们如此数量的证人都有过上述类似惊人的经历…《媒介与权势(书名)》—不管我们上述遭遇到的是ET(外星人)还是地球人,不管他们用没用标量武器 –对于有些事情,我们的许多证人都不想让你们听见而他们又不得不说出来,她也正是这样。

Miriam Delicado (MD): Thank you. Okay. I feel like a bit of a diva! [laughs with audience]

米利亚姆.德利卡多(以后简称MD):谢谢。Okay,我有点感觉自己像个名伶! [观众笑了]

I just want to say that I’m extremely nervous. I’m shaking. First of all, I want to talk about Kerry and Bill, and I want everyone to really just look around the room and see what extraordinary people you’re sitting next to, from all around the world.


Conferences are everywhere, but something that I’ve noticed that’s really special about Camelot and the people that go to Camelot is that you have a deep desire to take action, that you’re not just filling your minds with this information, but that you’re asking the question: What can I do... for myself, for my community?


This whole concept of Project Camelot is really, I believe, making an impact on the world, because I most certainly receive emails from around the world, from some extraordinarily small places in China, villages in Japan, indigenous people from remote areas.


So, the voices that we have at Camelot are very strong and I just want to honor Kerry and Bill for allowing not just me but all of us to have this opportunity to learn and to grow and walk through this process together. So I just want to say thank you. [applause]

因此,卡米洛特的声音是很强有力的,我要给予凯瑞和比尔应有的尊敬,因为他们给了你我机会来学习、成长,并一起走过这段路程.所以我仅仅想(对凯瑞和比尔)说声:谢谢!   {观众鼓掌}
The second thing I want to share on a really personal note is to talk to you about my car accident. Something very significant happened in the week prior and the days prior to that car accident and to me it was not a (quote) “accident.” It was not.

接下来要与你们分享的个人经历是一起交通事故.在这场事故之后的一周或几天时间内 发生了一些意义重大的事情,因此对我来说,那不是一场“事故”,绝对不是.

In saying that, I had this happen and it was very shocking to me, because it came out of absolutely nowhere. I had no precognition that anything was going to happen and so when Kerry and Bill found out -- they called me from Europe -- they then got on the phone almost immediately and called people in Los Angeles to come to my side.

就像我刚说的,事故之后再我身上发生了一些令我非常震惊甚至可怕的事情,因为我完全不知道我去了哪里.在此发生之前   我没有哪怕一点点地预知到什么,因而在凯瑞和比尔发出我时——他们从欧洲打电话给我——然后他们就立即   放下电话并呼叫洛杉矶的人来我这儿(救援).

[Voice tearful] I couldn’t walk! I couldn’t walk; I couldn’t get out of bed; I couldn’t do anything, and I know so many of you are asking me about this and it’s been very difficult for me. But I wanted to tell you something really remarkable that came out of that, because I was really concerned for myself after the accident.

[抽泣]   (那个阶段 )我不能走路了! 我不能行走;我不能自己下床;我不能做任何事情,我知道你们很多人在问这个,那段历程对我来说是极其艰难的.但我想在这件事之外 告诉你们一些非常值得注意的 (非凡的) 事情,因为在这次事故之后, 我开始非常地重视、关心起自己.

Kerry and Bill swooped in. They sent people to my side and they put me on their radio program and immediately people were sending me healing energy which I was asking for. They were sending me strength and they were sending me protection.


So, I feel just overwhelmed with gratitude [voice choked up] to all of you because by the time two days rolled around, after that – after everyone started sending all these emails and messages to me and healing, and the healers walked in, I got up and I walked.

因此,我为感激之情所倾倒,   [声音抽搐] 我非常感谢你们所有人,因为随着两天时间的流逝——在大家每个人开始给我发送邮件和信息同时我开始康复之后,医治者走了进来,我就起床并能走路了.



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